What Makes Britain Great, Part I

I had initially created the account for this blog to do what so many seem to be doing when they move from their home to a foreign country: document their lives in a new culture. But as it seems that goal is now distant for me, I thought instead to create something equally entertaining. So this is where I will document my observations on all things British, mostly in a humourous way.

I was inspired to begin in earnest after reading an article sent to me by my dearest friend Jean about the things that make Britain great. After reading it, though, I realised that maybe half of what’s listed are things we have here in the States, we just call them something different.

The first item listed is something called alcopops. They are drinks equally flavoured with alcohol and some sort of pop or soda. The most well known version, it seems, is the one produced by Bacardi & Company called Bacardi Breezers. That was certainly recognisable as I’ve drunk a few of them myself…


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