What Makes Britain Great, Part III

The Archers.

While Britain may have one of the oldest running soap operas (on Radio 4) it has by no means cornered the market on them. I have seen at least two of their soap operas – which are aired in the evenings rather than during the morning and early afternoon hours. While I’ve only seen around a week’s worth of either one of them, they certainly struck me as different from what we have here in the US. I mean they aren’t without their gratuitous drama, but the storylines certainly seemed to flow and not get stuck in one place for ages. Of course if I were to watch more than one week’s worth, I might very well have a different opinion. And another thing I noticed is that Jean didn’t talk about the characters as if they were real live people. Again, this may be chalked up to Jean just being a different sort of person who happens to enjoy the soaps, but I doubt it. Here in the US, the line between reality and fantasy is a blury one where soap operas are concerned.


One thought on “What Makes Britain Great, Part III

  1. Coronation Street was first shown on commercial TV on Friday 9th December 1960, which makes it almost as old as I am!

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