The Last Night of the Proms

This morning I’m talking to Jean and she informs me that she’s going to be watching the last night of the proms on tv tonight. So naturally my thought processes go something like this: Wow, you have proms over there too? And they’re broadcast on television? But why would that interest you?

Then she shares the BBC link for the programme and once again I’m reminded that what one thing means over here, is not necessarily what it means over there. *face slap*

Over here, proms are dances held at high schools and some junior high or middle schools at the end of the school year. They’re usually a big to-do for teens. But none of ours are aired on television. And yes I realise it’s just the start of a new school year, but I figured it was from last school year or something.

Over there, proms are classical music concerts held in four major cities in each country of the United Kingdom: Belfast, Glasgow, Swansea and London. With the one in London being the last, of course.

Since I enjoy classical music, this is something I know I would enjoy watching. If I didn’t already have plans for the day I’d try to watch it via my computer.


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