What Makes Britain Great, Part X


The mere thought of these delectable delights makes my stomach growl.

I was introduced to crumpets on my first visit to England in 2006 and it was love at first bite. So much so that my poor luggage was crammed with at least six packages of them and there are 6 crumpets to a package.

Toasted nicely in the oven or even a toaster, buttered and drizzled with honey… *sigh* It might also taste good with a spot of jam, but I haven’t gotten my fill of honeyed crumpets to be willing to try.

Of course, crumpets apparently aren’t as well-loved in the country of their origin, it seems. According to the Independent, “As with most baked goods in the UK, there is an almighty bloody row just bubbling beneath the surface over the naming, appearance and origins of crumpets. Some say they are those things with holes in that look like a circular bath sponge, which you cover in butter, jam or something savoury, but others say that they are thin and floppy ? more kitchen scourer than sponge.”

I will admit a bit of tastelessness if you eat a crumpet plainly, but that’s what butter and toppings were invented for… to make the bland less so.

Now I feel the urge to stop at the supermarket and see if they have any…


One thought on “What Makes Britain Great, Part X

  1. OK! let’s be honest….the best way to cook a crumpet is over an open fire on a toasting fork…done to the person eating the crumpets perfection.
    Until you have done this…you haven’t truly enjoyed crumpets.
    And how do I like mine?, with butter and a chunk of Cheshire cheese

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