Favourite Dish

Okay I know I’ve already mentioned my love of crumpets, but when it comes to full-on meal delights, I’d have to say that cottage pie is pretty high on my list of British foodness. That’s assuming, of course, I had a list. Which I don’t. But I feel the creation of one is emminent. LOL

Cottage pie just happens to be on the menu for dinner tonight at Chez Moi. For anyone who doesn’t know what cottage pie is, perhaps you’ve heard of it referred to as shepherd’s pie. They’re basically the same thing, only shepherd’s pie’s meat is lamb and beef is used in cottage pie.

I’ve created my own version which, while remaining faithful to the original recipes, deviates a bit to make things easier when having to cook after working all day.

I actually took the time yesterday evening to cook the beef and at least partially cook the veggies. I use a bag of frozen mixed veggies rather than being selective. I can pick out the lima beans that I detest and still enjoy the rest. Tonight when I get home I will put it all together in a caserole dish and heat it up.

The thing I love most about cottage/shepherd’s pie is that it’s very simple yet very filling. It started out as a way to cook left-overs yet manages now to not look like something thrown together randomly.


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