Funny Signs

Last night I was flipping through the latest edition of Reader’s Digest and in the section on work humour, there was a blurb about a sign seen in a very caring British pub. It said: “Do not drop your cigarette butt on the floor. It burns the hands and knees of customers when they leave.” I chuckled at the mental image of people crawling out of pubs.

So I thought I’d collect a few more humourous signs found all over the UK:

Such a pity they changed the name of this street. I think I’d rather like living on Mad Alice Lane. It has a bit of character to it. Now, the question is, who was Alice and why was she mad?

I’m wondering if your house straddles the line between Ham and Sandwich, can you give your address as Ham Sandwich? And which is bigger? Ham or Sandwich? I guess it all depends on what’s in a Sandwich.

And if you’re a bit on the constipated side, or just enjoy a nice rest on a toilet, you should seek out the long stay.

Are you quite sure nothing happened?

The following people on Flickr are credited for the photos: Cushdy, PMcC in WashDC, Dan 1980, Wild Vanilla, William Hook


2 thoughts on “Funny Signs

  1. I really must find the “entertaining” sign I took a phot of. The place no longer exists, but the mind boggles .

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