Reasons to Reject British Citizenship

My poor neglected Loo. 😦 I can’t believe it’s been nigh onto 3 months since I’ve graced you with my presence. I shall endeavour to be here more often from now on. And in honour of the Loo’s revival, I am going to present an on-going list of reasons why I should be denied British citizenship.

Reason 1: While I do enjoy a good cuppa, I don’t sit down and sip constantly until it’s gone. That is to say, it usually lingers while I do other things and I will drink it cold.

I know, I know. The shudder whisks its way down your spine. How on EARTH could I drink cold that which is meant to be drunk hot? In all honesty, the only defense I have is that growing up in the Southern United States has given me a taste for iced tea. So I really don’t care if the tea is hot or cold, as long as it tastes good.


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