Here in the US, our mainstay chocolate brands are Hershey and Nestle. Those are the cheaper brands of chocolate, though they both make high end stuff that you can buy for special occasions. If you want something a little fancier than either of those, there’s Cadbury’s and Ghirardelli’s and Godiva.

In the UK, however, I have found that Cadbury is the equivalent of Hershey and Nestle. That is, they are the “every day chocolates” makers. I’m sure their higher end chocolates come from Switzerland.

For this Christmas just gone, my friend in Florida sent me a bunch of goodies one might find in the UK. Apparently there’s a shop near her home which sells British food stuffs. One of the items she sent was a mixed box of Cadbury chocolates. There’s still two bars of something or other in the fridge here at work. I can make chocolate last.

I’ve discovered, then, which of the Cadbury chocolates I prefer:

  • Buttons
  • Dairy Milk with Caramel
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

And those I don’t care for:

  • Crunchie

I think that’s everything I’ve eaten out of that mix. I’ve searched online for an idea of what all was originally in it, but I can’t find anything. 😦


3 thoughts on “Chocolates

  1. Am guessing next time you’re here your case won’t just be crammed with books when you go back then?
    You can have trips around Cadbury’s World here, they keep giving you chocolate, the kids loved it when we went, but I just put all mine in a bag, and let them have it another day.

  2. Sorry, we do have posh UK chocolate as well, Thornton’s make chocolate, and some places have hand made chocolates, not too horrendously expensive

  3. Oh dear – how sad you are limited to Cadburys. I am afraid I do not like Cadbury’s chocolate so would rate it very low!! Try Thorntons chocolates – I have yet to be disappointed with these – of course they are dearer than Cadburys!!

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