The Monarchy

Last night I sat down to watch The Queen though admittedly didn’t get very far because I kept stopping the film to look up things mentioned. Thinking about the bit of the film I’ve managed through thus far has prompted me to write here about the British Monarchy. 

I know there are probably varying degrees of opinion about the monarchy of Great Britain among the general populous of the country, but as an outsider, I see the monarchy as the penultimate symbol of the greatest island nation on earth (yeah I’m sucking up). Their power is symbolic, but the institution – the idea of the monarchy is one that I don’t think should ever go away. Getting rid of the royal family altogether (no I don’t mean offing them) would be the equivalent of getting rid of the Statue of Liberty here in the US. The Statue of Liberty is merely a symbol of the immigrants who built this country. Few immigrants today have ever even thought about visiting the statue when, at one time, it was the first thing they saw as the ships entered New York Harbor. It’s merely a symbol now, but any American you as would balk at taking it down. After 9/11 it was one of the feared new targets for terrorists.

The monarchy is the symbol of Great Britain. It’s what people think of when someone mentions Great Britain: the Union Jack, the British Empire and the royal family are all icons of a great nation and should never be lost.


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