I Love the Brits, but…

… c’mon!!! A biscuit?? Dangerous? Only for stupid people. In which case they should not be allowed to eat any.

I recently read an article on the Daily Record’s website about a study done regarding the dangerousness (is that a word?… it is now) of biscuits. (For any American readers, a biscuit is like our cookies.) I mean if you dunk anything into a scalding liquid and don’t expect it to be hot, you get what you deserve. Just like the jackasses here in the US who have forced places like McDonald’s to stamp ‘Caution, Hot!’ on the side of their coffee cups. Of course now that there’s iced coffee, I expect that is a necessity in case someone forgets which they bought. *slaps forehead* Fishing for remnants of your biccy that broke off in your tea can be handled easily by a spoon. I know you use those in England.

As for choking on crumbs… chew your food maybe? And don’t talk with your mouthful. That’s just rude. Not to mention nasty.

This, by far, is my favourite line of the whole article:

One man ended up stuck in wet concrete after wading in to pick up a stray biscuit.

He waded into his tea? Or was the stray biscuit in the wet concrete?

Be careful what you eat Britain…. I love ya too much to lose ya over food.


2 thoughts on “I Love the Brits, but…

  1. hmmm……if they were sold over there they would probably have warnings….”Will go soggy when in contact with liquid”

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