Enterprising Brits

I love the Brits. You are so unabashedly enterprising and it doesn’t matter what you’re making money from… even if it’s rather unpleasant, yet increasingly unstigmatising. LOL

This morning as I was driving to work, I had my radio tuned to our local public radio station. I got in my car just as the morning’s financial programme was going off air. The last bit of news was definitely blog-worthy. It seems that a chain of stores – Debenhams – has added a new department to their stores with new offerings.

Got a friend who has recently separated or divorced? Take them to the nearest Debenhams and register them with the Divorce Registry. They can then sign up to receive gifts from friends; hopefully receiving whatever they lost in the settlement. Unfortunately, the registry is not available online.

According to the Guardian, “Items the store expects to be popular choices among divorcees include cookware, cutlery, crockery, glasses, bedlinen, towels and small electrical goods such as toasters and microwaves, as well as non-iron shirts, large plasma screen TVs and computer games.”


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