My New Travel Companion

As the days draw closer to my departure to the UK for the third time, plans are getting cemented and I have discovered a new travel companion. I expect, though, that for my fourth trip (in 2014) that this will be available on Smartphones and I will be in possession of said phone. LOL is ‘The Urban Walking Route Planner’ and a major life saver. While I love the UK, your streets tend to be confusing. Especially when your street name signs aren’t in the same place ours is – and sometimes it’s non-existent. During my 2008 visit, I ventured to Lancaster on my own to visit the priory and to this day I have no idea how I managed to find it considering I couldn’t find any of the streets which my printed map said would lead me to my destination. not only tells you how far the walk is – it tells you three different times depending on your speed of movement. Not only that, but you will also know how many calories you will burn – depending on the previously mentioned speed – and how much CO2 will be saved by not using whatever vehicular options are available. In my case, a walk from Manchester Piccadilly Rail Station to the hotel where I will be meeting my friend will probably take me 14 minutes (the longest time) because I will be dragging my suitcase behind me. I will burn 39 calories and save .04 kg of CO2 by not taking the metro, .14 kg of CO2 by not driving a car and .07 kg of CO2 by not taking the bus.

I officially ❤


2 thoughts on “My New Travel Companion

  1. How is any carbon saved by not taking the bus? It’s going to take it’s pre-ordained route whether you take it or not, isn’t it?
    That’s just the arguer in me asking…it sounds like a cool app!

  2. its so easy to find your way round in the uk, you just need a dowsing rod and a cup of chai……………… thats a really good application

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