And So It Begins…

Well I’ve officially begun the journey to England. As I type this I’m sitting at a bar in the Atlanta, GA airport to pass the time.

The day began early. I was awakened by my mini-Schnauzer puppy, Nola, who was scratching at my door and moaning for me to get up. This was at 6:30. Not quite the time I was wanting to get up, but who can ignore a cutie like her?

I arrived at the airport in New Orleans just after 9 and was abused right off. 😦 My dad dropped me off and as I got out his SUV I guess I didn’t push the door open all the way and it came back and smacked my head. 😦 Then, if that’s not bad enough, I get inside and rummage through my back pack to fish out my passport and discover I’ve forgotten my headphones. So, no listening to the audiobook I brought along. *rolls eyes* And the grand finale was a pinched finger when I put my huge suitcase on the scale at the ticket counter and the handle of the suitcase wouldn’t push down. I finally pounded on it, resulting in the pinched finger. 😦

The flight was okay as flights go… I am not terribly fond of them, but they serve a purpose so I endure. The worst part for me is taking off and landing. I just don’t enjoy it. But the guy sitting next to me had an iPad and he graciously allowed me to look at it after I stared at him using it for about 5 minutes. LOL It’s quite cool. I played three games on it and marveled at the size. I’d love to have one considering I feel like I’m going to come away from this trip a foot shorter from all of the crap I’m carrying in my backpack on this trip – including my not very large laptop.

He was also very lovely to chat with over all. I told him of my trip and my interest in historical fiction and such. We spoke of previous flight experiences as well, because as we descended into Atlanta, I mentioned my ears popping. I also said that I get motion sick easily and he said he did too and teaches scuba diving. How that works, I’m not entirely sure, but I guess it does for him!

We parted ways at the gate and I grabbed some lunch before searching for my gate. When I finally bothered to ask, I learnt I was in the wrong terminal so I took the train from Terminal B to Terminal E. It was a short ride and I could’ve walked, but… eh.

I will close now because I’m going to have to disconnect my computer soon to go find out where my gate truly is. Then I shall be on my way. Yay!!


5 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. I feel you on the way sister, I cannot wait till you grace the isle. I’m excited. Travel well love.

  2. I’m happy you had a nice flight to Atlanta – it’s lucky that you had such a nice neighbor; hopefully you had a nice one on your way to England, too! It sucks that you forgot your headphones; when I went on my trip earlier, I forgot a pen – lol – and had to buy like a $5 one at the airport x)

  3. All here are wishing you a safe trip! I’m exited to hear all about your adventures!!

  4. What I find very awesome is that you are recording everything that happens, good and bad. And you are not letting the “little things”, that when added up are so aggravating, spoil your trip. Having the chat with the fellow on the plane is just one way to enjoy and distract from being on a mode of transportation that you don’t like. And traveling is about meeting people and taking in everything around…which it sounds like you are doing!

    Look forward to even more entries! Keep us posted and miss you lots!

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