Well begun is half done…

… but it doesn’t follow that the end will be just as well.

Never fear, I arrived in Bonnie England in one piece, safe and sound. But while our plane touched down at about 20 to 9 in the morning, we had to sit on the tarmac for nearly an hour waiting for a gate to become available. So by the time I managed to get to the hotel to meet my dear friend Hayley, things weren’t going so well. Not only did I have to deal with all the crap at the airport, but while I was walking from the train station to the hotel – all of a quarter of a mile – the wheel on my suitcase broke off. *fume* A bloke behind me was kind enough to pick it up for me and when I held it in my hand, it was hot to the touch. I guess Mickey wasn’t destined to stick with me forever.

I got to the hotel and settled in (a very small space to settle into I might add) and after a shower, we walked over to The Arndale Centre to do some shopping. I’ve never seen a more confusing layout for a mall. I mean maybe it was the jet lag, but there were only two shops we flitted between the whole time we were there and I kept getting us lost. Yes, I am to blame, because Hayley is blind and one cannot expect her guide-dog to remember where we’ve been in the mall. While at the mall, I managed to find a new suitcase of the multi-directional kind. I was pleased with that because it’s what I’ve wanted for a while. It was on clearance for £48 with a 10 year guarantee. Later in the hotel I had a look at the original retail suggested price… £120. Eep!

Unfortunately we didn’t do a whole lot except catch up on 3 missing years of our friendship and go out for some wonderful Italian food at dinner. I was quite impressed with the place when the waiter provided a normal menu for me and as I was about to start reading aloud the food options, the waiter quickly returned with a braille menu. The food was lovely and after dinner we strolled back to the hotel for an early evening. I was really surprised that even at 9 PM there was still plenty of daylight make street lights and such totally useless. It wasn’t til about 10 that it went full dark.

I was rather impressed with the night time noises to be heard even 7 floors off the ground. Sirens sounded many times before and after I drifted off to sleep. It reminded me of New Orleans. LOL Funnily enough, though, I woke once in the middle of the night to use the toilet and decided to take a look outside and the streets were completely empty. It was as though it had been abandoned. Not one car drove by while I stared down on the city.

Sadly, Hayley and I parted early Saturday morning because she had a long train ride back to London and needed to be back by 1 to get the keys to her new house. I was glad for the opportunity to see her and hope that we will be able to get together again in the future.


One thought on “Well begun is half done…

  1. Well I am glad you got there safe. 🙂
    Catching up with old friends is great.
    More fun to be had for you I am sure.
    Have fun

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