They Shoot Chavs Don’t They?

After having to stand for the hour plus train ride from Manchester to Morecambe, I was ever so relieved to arrive. My friend Jean, with whom I am staying, met me at the station with her two doggies – Spark (a Westie) and Shadow (a Scottie) – and we walked back to her house.

Not much was planned for Saturday so we just basically hung around the house watching television and such. I met her companion Z who is a really nice guy. I’m so happy she finally found a bloke who truly appreciates her.

Sundown wasn’t til about 10. Eeep!! That has really taken some getting used to. I am staying in her elder son’s bedroom on the third floor. The weather is cool so I opened the window to let some air in. Not long after, I closed it. Mostly because of this horrid screeching noise made by the birds in the area – herring gulls (I think) – but also because of the loud mouthed chavs (see link on the side bar to find out what they are) who don’t care that it’s after midnight. They talk loud anyway. Ugh. But I finally made it to sleep after a long weary day.


3 thoughts on “They Shoot Chavs Don’t They?

  1. Ooooo three floors and birds that are near water… sounds so rich and beautiful (except for the chavs). I love how it stays light for so long.

  2. you won’t get any rest from the gulls now your down here – the country is infested with them, lol

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