Childhood Memory

If you think I’d let the news of William and Kate’s engagement pass without comment here, you’re wrong. What’s the point of having a blog about the British from the perspective of an American if there’s no comment about the biggest engagement news in many long years?

The two of them (naturally) make a striking couple and I wish them many years of happiness. I am also in favour of his decision to give Kate his mother’s engagement ring. Anyone against it is clearly overlooking the fact that both William and Harry were very close to their mum.  That’s something I always noticed.

I sincerely hope that the wedding takes place on a date which is convenient to my working schedule, otherwise I might be forced to scheme and take the day off. I will not miss this one. Anticipation of this wedding brings to mind vague memories of when Williams parents married back in 1981. I was actually on vacation in North Carolina with my mother, uncle and brother, but I remember waking up before everyone else and sitting alone in my great aunt’s living room watching the grandest wedding I’d ever seen. In 1996 when we visited that same great aunt for a family wedding, I was easily able to recall the year of our previous visit because I knew it coincided with the wedding of Charles and Diana.

I find it extra-ordinarily amusing, too, that so many people here in the US are simply doe-eyed over this potential wedding and with pretty much anything to do with the Royal Family, when I’m quite sure they’d never want one for their own. We ran away from the monarchy, remember? Yet we watch their every move as though they were the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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