I’ve recently been informed by a football enjoying co-worker that if I am the true Anglophile I claim to be, I must follow a football club. Anyone will do, of course, since I’m not a resident, but I must cheer for them to the exclusion of all others and shout appropriate things to their rivals and any other opponents.

So I’ve chosen the Liverpool Football Club, the Mighty Reds. Truthfully I know of only three football clubs by name: Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. I chose Liverpool because my dear friend Bix is originally from there.

Don’t bother telling me the team is rubbish. I don’t care. After living in a city where the (American) football team was crap for the first 40 years of its existence, I can hardly be bothered with whether or not a football club wins frequently.

Now all I need to do is buy at least one Liverpool FC tshirt or other appropriate gear and I’ll be good to go. Oh… and find out what time of year they play so I can at least pretend to follow along. 😉


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