A Dummie No More!

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase a copy of ‘British History for Dummies’ because some of the historical fiction I’ve been reading lately mentioned (though was not centred around) the Wars of the Roses. For a very long time, the only thing I really knew about the Wars of the Roses was that it was between the House of York (white rose) and the House of Lancaster (red rose). Two of the three times I’ve had opportunity to visit England, I’ve stayed in Lancashire County which has the City of Lancaster as its main city. All around the area are signs with the lovely red Lancastrian rose. When I sat down to try to understand the Wars, it just didn’t happen. It was too confusing.

I tried to sort things out online, but nothing is that simple, apparently. So, I broke down and purchased an ebook copy of ‘British History for Dummies’. I finished reading it over the weekend and not only feel less confused about the Wars of the Roses, but have a new perspective of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Prior to reading this book I’d venture to say that I’d put the UK up on a pedestal, admiring all of the good things about her without bothering with the bad. This book really put it all in my face and forced me to accept that while the UK is indeed a magnificent country with history that reaches far back into time, it is not without its flaws. So I’ve taken her down from the pedestal I’d placed her on and will continue to admire from a more level playing field.


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