Our Beans are Your Beans

Now that I have set Yahoo! UK & Ireland as my homepage here at work, I just might have more to say on this blog than I have as of late.

This blog post was inspired by an article on Yahoo bemoaning the fact that baked beans really aren’t baked but stewed. I always find it funny when other Americans are surprised that a Traditional English Breakfast (yes, it is worthy of capital letters) features the beans. I suppose they’ve forgotten that during the Western Expansion here in the US, beans were one of the few food items which kept easily without the need for curing or keeping cold. It was a staple for any meal, including breakfast. As was fish.

What took me by surprise was learning from a programme on the history channel that Brits eat more baked beans than Americans do. This surprised me because the beans were grown here first and transplanted to the UK. Of course we always eat them at cook-outs, but when one stops to consider how often we cook-out vs. how often Brits eat a Traditional English Breakfast, the balance quickly tips in your favour.

One thing I’d like to note: while you no longer import our beans, they are essentially the same. We have more flavouring options with ours now, but we do have a basic baked bean that is very nearly the same.


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