London 2012 Logo

I just read on Yahoo! UK that the Iranians have an issue with the logo for the 2012 Olympics taking place in London. So much so that they are threatening to boycott next year’s Olympics. This logo has been around since 2007 and yet they’re just now getting around to complain about it.

This is the logo for those who aren’t aware:

Now. According to the website I nicked this particular version from, the numbers are meant to be a graffiti style created specifically for the logo.

The problem Iran has with this logo is that it spells out the word ‘zion.’ I will agree that the numbers, designed as they are, do look in part like Z, O and I, but that second 2 requires a real stretch of the imagination (not to mention a good head twist) to become an N. In my opinion it appears to be another Z, but let’s say for the sake of argument that the letters Z, O, I and N are in fact there. Iranians read from right to left because their written language comes from Arabic. Taking that into account, what they would read is OZNI. They read right to left and from the top line to the bottom line as we do, the only difference is that they read from right to left instead of left to right. They do not read in columns.

Iran clearly has their knickers in a twist over nothing and just like being willful and stubbornly juvenile regarding anything about the West.

Let them boycott I say!!


One thought on “London 2012 Logo

  1. I saw this story, and thought that someone somewhere is possibly employed looking minutely at things in case they find the minutest item that someone could take offence to! I wonder if it pays well? I personally think the logo is rbbish, and have seen better ones designed in graphics at school. And I’m sure that our Graphics department aren’tr the only ones who have asked their pupils to come up with a better design, a blind monkey could do better. (That is my opinion on the logo.)

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