Turning Over in the Grave

For any Brits who happen to read this particular post and aren’t familiar with the American idiom used in the title, it means ‘to show enormous disfavor for something that has happened after one’s death.’

As my friend just said, ‘If Agatha Christie had any taste, she would be!’

This statement comes on the heels of signing into Yahoo! UK this morning to see that American actress Jennifer Garner has been cast in a ‘reboot‘ of Agatha Christie’s iconic character Miss Marple. I like Jennifer Garner, as a person. I think she’s very pretty and on occasion I would even go so far as to say she’s attractive, but I don’t really think she can act. Not well anyway. And even if I thought she could, she would not be my first choice to play such an iconic British character. Hell, she wouldn’t even be in my Top Ten choices.

The only American actress I feel can adequately pull off being a Brit is Renée Zellweger. She brilliantly portrayed another British icon in 2006 with the film Miss Potter. She was also pretty popular with the film Bridget Jones’ Diary. Beyond Renée, I don’t know who else I’d pick for the role of Miss Marple.

Of course there’s also the issue of the ‘reboot’ part of the story. While I’ve only read a few of Agatha Christie‘s books, I think that movie makers need to stay true to the character as Christie wrote her. According to the Wikipedia article about Miss Christie, under the heading about both of her iconic character – Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple – it states: “Her other well known character, Miss Marple, was introduced in The Tuesday Night Club in 1927 (short story) and was based on women like Christie’s grandmother and her ‘cronies’.” As this statement has a citation with the BBC, I am inclined to believe it is true. Then, to my mind, any silver screen portrayal of Miss Marple must be by an elderly actress.


One thought on “Turning Over in the Grave

  1. Even seeing a picture of the actress still leaves me at a loss as to who she is. Unless they are going to get someone to write Agatha Christie-like stories featuring a younger Miss Marple, I really can’t see it working. Miss Marple’s ways are those of a grandmotherly figure from the 1920s and 30s!

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