Taking Safety too Far

It is rare that any action taken for any reason in the UK causes me to *facepalm* but alas I have found such an incident. (For those who don’t know what *facepalm* means, it’s the Internet equivalent of smacking your own forehead in disbelief at any action or situation which defies belief. Hence, your face and palm coming together.)

As I have mentioned in previous post(s) I now have Yahoo! UK & Ireland as my start up page on my browser here at work so that I can comment on any events I read about. I scanned through the stories this morning and lo and behold I found something!

According to the article I read, people on holiday at three resorts around the UK who decide to use the dodgems can no longer bump into other vehicles. To prevent injury. Okay don’t misunderstand me, I am all for safety at amusement parks. I don’t rejoice whenever there’s an accident involving people on rides, far from it. But the whole point of dodgems (or just bumper cars here in the US) is to purposely run into other vehicles. The “cars” themselves are adequately padded and the impact is low level, so the risk of injury isn’t that great.

I think this sums up everything:

A holidaymaker told The Telegraph that using the dodgems at Bognor Regis was “like trundling round an exitless roundabout”, with cars driving slowly round the track in the same direction, only overtaking if they had enough room.


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