Madame Tussauds

Two months to the day since I’ve made a post here. Sadly, nothing has struck my fancy worth commenting on here, so I’ve been away.

Over the weekend, I finished reading a book that seems to be one-of-a-kind. If there are other books like it, I’d really love to know about them. The book I was reading is called Madam Tussaud by Michelle Moran. It is the poignant story of Marie Tussaud who tutored the sister of King Louis XVI (his wife was Marie Antoinette) while helping her uncle maintain the family business of wax displays. As the French Revolution peaked, their Salon became a visual news source for the people of Paris, changing almost daily to reflect the leadership of the Revolution as well as those who had fallen from favour. By the end of the book, I’d become a great admirer of Madame Tussaud, not only for her unmatched talent in her chosen profession, but for the sacrifices she made in order to survive and be able to leave France behind and start a new life in England.

Because of this, I am adding Madame Tussauds to my list of places to visit upon my next visit to the UK.


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