English Tea Room

I discovered this little gem through a friend of mine recently and we finally got around to going last Saturday.

The English Tea Room is about 35 minutes north of New Orleans in a small city called Covington. They offer high tea – which I really have no idea if the English recognise (as opposed to just having tea or tea time) – and both breakfast and lunch all day. I wasn’t quite ready to dress all fancy for tea, so I asked my friend Linda if we could just go for lunch.

It was a delightful little place; a home converted into a restaurant, with tables in every room as well as all kinds things to buy on shelves. The menu had one page (double sided) with all of their teas listed. This thing was at least 9 x 12, printed top to bottom on both sides with all of their teas.

I had a Trafalgar Tuna Salad sandwich. I’m not sure if the name is authentic (I’m guessing not), but the food itself seemed like something served across the pond. The sandwich was served with a side of crisps, very American in nature. I don’t think I’ve seen any wavy crisps in my travels. I had a pot of Jasmine green tea to drink.

I bought a small Union Jack flag, three vanilla flavoured scones, a new GB window decal for my car and a keyring commemorating the marriage of Will and Kate. I would’ve bought some loose tea as well, but I felt kinda rushed.

My favourite part of the lunch was meeting Nigel, the owners’ Scottie. He was such a sweetheart and loved to get his belly rubbed.

I will be returning to the tea room many times in the future. Next time, though, it will be for high tea.


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