One Just as Bad as the Other

While I generally try to refrain from talking about the politics of another country because I don’t live there and I don’t know the whole history of what’s going on. However, since this is my blog I will endulge myself in some general observations about a recent event. I am basing all of my observations on a story found on Yahoo! about the recent riots and looting in London.

“Police and politicians insisted the disorder was the work of a criminal minority and not a sign of social tensions or security lapses ahead of the 2012 Games.” This statement tells me that UK politicians are just as out of touch with reality as US politicians; at least in part. I agree that the riots are not an indication of security lapses ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games. The safety of the visiting atheletes will be covered not only by the London police, but the national security force (MI-5? -6?) as well as the IOC. However, if these idiots truly believe that the riots are not a sign of social tensions, they need to crack open a history book and take a look at riots of the past. They are always about social tensions. These riots in London bring to mind the riots in Los Angeles, California in 1992. The officers involved were white; the suspect black. If racial tension isn’t a form of social tension, please enlighten me as to what is.

However, having said that, I think that the kids who are rioting are a bit misguided. They are attacking people in their own neighbourhood who are of the same socio-economic status as they are. None of your neighbours or other hard working individuals are the ones who have increased tuition fees for uni or cut funds to public sector pensions. The people who you attacked are the struggling just like you. Just like here in the US, the UK banks should have been left to their own devices. They screwed up, yet all of us hardworking individuals are expected to suck it up and help them. I don’t think this is right by any stretch of the imagination, but what will burning down pubs and blowing up buses truly solve?

“We are going to get people blaming the economy and what happened last week but that’s not the real reason this happened,” said Brixton resident Marilyn Moseley, 49. “It’s just an excuse for the young ones to come and rob shops.” Once again, it is the economy, because people are seeing things that they believe are rightfully theirs, taken away and they have no control. Although I can’t see any young person who truly wants to go to uni participating in something like this, I cannot say for sure they wouldn’t because I’ve never been in that position.

But what it all boils down to is this: where are the parents in all this mess? Sat at home encouraging their children to destroy property? Sat at home clueless or helpless? I imagine there are plenty of parents across the UK who don’t want to be told how to raise (discipline) their child, but at the same time, won’t take responsibility for what they allow their children to do.


One thought on “One Just as Bad as the Other

  1. Some very good you, I usually avoid saying much when it is another’s issue because I don’t know the full facts of what is behind that issue. But what I do think is that a mass mindset has taken effect here, and that mindset is one of destruction. I pray for all of those affected.

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