Roughly 10-15 years ago, my mother decided to embark on the journey typical of humans: discovering where she came from. So, she jumped on the proverbial bandwagon called genealogy. For me personally, I like to feel that connection with those who have come before me and whose life decisions eventually led to my existence. For some reason, after a while, genealogy fell out of fashion with my mother and she didn’t touch it for a good while. Recently she was again bit by the bug and has managed to trace two branches of her side of the family back to Scotland and England. So I decided that this time around I would document various discoveries here in an effort to possibly make connections with others and also to get help in understanding a lot of what is being found.

One branch that has been traced back is to the surname of Thomson in Scotland in the 15th or 16th centuries. A site regarding Clan Thom(p)son is interesting, if only I could understand what’s being explained. Perhaps I will find time to join the forum on the site and perhaps understand more.

Another branch of the family tree has been traced back to a surname of Inman. The last member my mother was able to find resided in a town or village called Braithwaite in Yorkshire. While looking up information about Braithwaite itself (preferably with a guide to pronouncing the name) she found that there is a bed & breakfast within a house that was owned by the Inman family. The name is etched above the doorway and there’s a plaque beside the door about the family home.

All of this is interesting, but I want to know more than just names.


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