The Iron Lady

Forgot to mention that I saw The Iron Lady about a week and a half ago. I thought it was well done, but unfortunately it didn’t give me much information on the actual time that Baroness Margaret Thatcher was prime minister of Great Britain. She was Prime Minister during my lifetime, but I can barely wrap my head around British politics now. I certainly couldn’t as a child.

The story seemed to be more personal than I expected. They glossed over her career and focused mainly on the now. I think I would’ve prefered a little less of the now and more of her past. I can see, though, why Meryl Streep won the Academy Award this year for her portrayal of Baroness Thatcher. She’s the best damn actress Hollywood has EVER seen, by far. 

When I first learned the film was to be released, I asked for a general opinion of her on a forum I belong to where there is a significant British membership. They were all of the opinion that it’s a love or hate situation. You either loved PM Thatcher and all that she did, or you hated her and all that she did. This seems to be a general theme regarding politics, though.


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