Tea and Me

I’m back for a new installment of Tea and Me since I visited the English Tea Room over the weekend with some friends.

This time I decided to go for something new so I ordered a pot of chocolate chai. I have enjoyed chai in the past so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the addition of chocolate to the mix. Well, it wasn’t wrong exactly, but it did taste as though I was drinking hot chocolate. I expected more of a blend of the spices typical of a chai with a hint of chocolate. What I got instead was a whole lot of chocolate. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it was so sweet that I skipped most of the dessert included with high tea. I had half of a red velvet cake ball and a strawberry minus the dark chocolate it had been dipped in. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate even though I know it’s really better for you than milk chocolate.

I think I would definitely drink chocolate chai again, were it offered to me, but not with anything but a savoury meal. I’d definitely switch to something lighter for dessert.

Score: Likes – 2, Dislikes – 2


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