Latest Addition

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I visited the English Tea Room yet again over the weekend. We should’ve rescheduled for this weekend so we could be there for the Jubilee celebration, but last weekend worked for everyone and I didn’t want to tempt fate. Four friends joined me for high tea last Saturday and we had a blast. I think I’ve been there a total of 5 times now and only once have I sat somewhere other than the front room. It’s a little tedious.

Whenever I’m there, I always look at the other items they have for sale. Understandably the majority of it is tea or tea related, but there are also occasionally some gems. I found sitting in a basket at the register a collection of keyrings with various and sundry UK themed attachments. Since I don’t drink beer, I had no use for either of the beer top opener styles coloured with the Union Jack. LOL There was a red double-decker bus, but it was the tourist variety with the top passenger area exposed, which I didn’t like. The last keyring I picked up was the one I loved best. Very simple as you can see below:


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