Generic view by Americans

I found a cute list of 16 Myths Americans Generally Believe about Britain. I can say I know someone who believes at least three of the things on that list. My neighbour believes these things to be true and nothing I say can convince her otherwise even though I know more Brits than she does and I’ve been there three times, while she has never been.

  1. British food sucks. Of course my neighbour doesn’t believe it sucks, just that it’s bland. Yes, some of it is bland, but not all of it and certainly not what I’ve eaten while with my friends. I ordered some English mustard last year and gave it to her to try. I told her that this is the kind of stuff eaten regularly, but she didn’t believe me.
  2. It rains all the time.This is the single most common myth I’ve run into by anyone that I tell of my visits across the pond. It rained a little during my first visit in 2006, but only because a tropical storm blew up that way. Even then it was more wind than anything else. It came close to raining when I was there in 2010, but I don’t think it managed at all.
  3. They all have bad teeth. This is something my neighbour brings up nearly every time we talk about the English in some way. I don’t understand her obsession with the fact that they’ve been known for bad teeth in the past, but who hasn’t?? It doesn’t matter to me if you have straight teeth or not. I wish she’d get over it.

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