Since a lot of American television these days is shite, I have practically jumped for joy whenever I find a show I can watch from the UK. I happened to find one such gem over the weekend when I was searching Hulu for the latest episode of one of the few American shows I watch with regularity. I discovered there the BBC sitcom Rev. It stars Tom Hollander (better known, to me at least, as Cutler Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films) as a country vicar moved to the inner city of London to lead the downtrodden flock at St Saviour’s in the Marshes.

Vicar Adam Smallbone must deal with not only the unfortunate location of his new church (in the first episode he is continually heckled by construction workers next door), but also with the small numbers of congregants in the face of a pestering Archdeacon whose focus is more on the money brought in than the saving of souls.

So far this series has been around for 2 seasons and I hope that a third is in the works. The last time I found a British show to love, Kingdom, lasted only one series, which was disappointing because I so love Stephen Fry.


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