Weird Food

I gotta say though I love Scotland and it’s people, they have some pretty strange offerings for school lunches. I heard on the national radio news channel I listen to that there is a 9 year old girl who started a blog to rate and otherwise discuss the food her school offers for lunch. I finally found the blog (NeverSeconds) and the latest listing for Tuesday, 19 June 2012 had a tuna baked potato as the main portion of the entree. Although it seems to me an unusual food combination, I have to admit I’ve seen worse here in the States. During my school years, most days I brought my lunch though there were occasions – mostly during high school – where I ditched my brought lunch in favour of a burger. I remember, however, during the years that my mother worked as a pre-school worker, I got to see what the older kids at the school were offered in way of lunch: French fries and nachos. Nothing more. So while I admit that a tuna baked potato seems odd, it also seems, on the whole, healthier, especially when paired with a cup of chicken noodle soup and a small salad.

I have paused in my writing to investigate whether this phenomenon of the tuna baked potato was something purely from the imagination of the school lunch workers or if it’s something normally eaten anywhere. There are plenty of recipes online available for tuna stuffedbaked potato, which is a far cry from the inelegant dish served in school. School version: bake potato, slice open, drop a scoop of tuna between the halves and serve. Stuffedversion: bake potato, scoop out inside and mix with tuna and other spices then return to potato skin for further baking. The stuffed version sounds a lot tastier. And yes it seems to be a Scottish delicacy. One I intend to try someday.


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