Citius, Altius, Fortius

It goes without saying that since I learned London would host the 2012, XXX Olympiad, I have been looking forward to this date. And now it’s here. As I type this, I am sat in my living room watching the opening ceremonies and will make comments as I watch.

First impression: I got a lump in my throat with the children singing what I assume are the respective country national anthems. I would have preferred to hear them singing in their native tongue – especially the Welsh – but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The transition from the agrarian society to an industrial society has been remarkable to say the least and I was touched by the moment of “silence” for the lives lost in World War I. Amazing, too, the female percussionist there leading the music and is deaf.

Queen Elizabeth’s “entrance” into the stadium was priceless!!! The children singing and signing “God Save the Queen” is the most adorable EVER.

Love the tribute to the National Healthcare and Children’s Literature. And of course it wouldn’t be a proper London Olympics without Mary Poppins!

Modern times’ representation has been interesting to say the least. Mostly I guess because it’s all something I can identify with.


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