In Defense of My Brits

I may or may not have previously mentioned it before, but I have Yahoo! UK as my start up page here at work. This morning I log in and of course there are still remnants of stories about the London 2012 Olympics which just concluded yesterday. Imagine my surprise, though, when I saw that they have featured a story by their counterpart here in the US, good ol’ Yahoo!. The story is about how Americans graded the Brits on their hosting skills. I find the worst of these “grades” the most laughable.

They gave a D for nightlife, claiming that Brits go to bed too early. This is a laughable claim and probably only true in the immediate vicinity to the Olympic venues, which is understandable since the athletic village was right there. While regular Americans might’ve gone over there for fun and relaxation, I hate to break it to the complaining cows, but athletes need sleep. Especially those who were competing in races in just a short amount of time. Perhaps those who think Brits go to sleep too early should have broadened their horizons. London is far too big for the whole place to shut down at 1 am as the Yahoo! story implies. I know from personal experience of my very first visit to England where the friend I stayed with lived just down the street from the local pub. I know it was beyond 1 am when those people finally staggered home.

Yahoo! gave an F for the lack of air conditioning. I find this wholly amusing since I live in the sub-tropics of Louisiana and find the summer temperatures in England to be absolutely divine. Try living somewhere that has little to no distinction between the day time and night time temps, with your little “push of air” and then we’ll talk about suffering. Also, I’m sure many of you have heard of a little invention called a fan. Well you know what? England isn’t so backward that they don’t have them. I’m sure you could’ve bought or borrowed one.

And finally, the other failing grade was for the mascot. Yes, I agree it was a little creepy looking – unlike the utterly adorable Team GB mascot – but I have yet to see an Olympic mascot that makes sense on any level. So the US’s “grade” of F for a creepy mascot makes no sense at all.

America needs to get over itself.


2 thoughts on “In Defense of My Brits

  1. Haha, completely agree with you about the temperatures in Louisiana. I was recently saying on here how New Orleans is the only place I’ve ever been to where the sun can be setting and you can still be sweating like a b*tch. There are random DAYS throughout the year here in London where you might need air conditioning, but the rain soon solves that problem.

  2. So glad someone from over there can understand what I’m talking about where I live. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, koko. 🙂

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