Tea Room Visit

Yesterday, I visited the English tea room previously mentioned on many other post. I was with two of my friends, Linda and Kris, for a late lunch. It was a lunch filled with much laughter on my part as Kris did his quite remarkable impression of British actor Terry-Thomas. I did manage, however, to enjoy a lovely pot of raspberry chai tea and shepherds pie.

Kris and Linda shared a slice of spinach and artichoke quiche and a plate of scones. Kris had spicy chai tea and Linda had something called Trafalgar Anniversary. According to the description on their tea list, it is full-flavoured coppery brightness and maltiness with delicate hints of oak.

Of course I can never visit the tea room without making other purchases and this time was no different. I found a lovely little book called Essentially English, which documents all that symbolizes what it means to be English – from the ‘full English’ to the garden gnome – another ball of lovely smelling soap that I had originally bought back in January; a tea strainer for the loose tea I haven’t touched yet; and two tea bags. Those I will document as I have before under the ‘Tea and Me’ titles.

As always a lovely afternoon and a scrumptious lunch with good friends.


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