Tea and Me

First clue that a tea wasn’t as spectacular as you hoped: you put off reviewing it on your blog. In fact, that’s the only clue. Ha ha ha. I have to say, I was thoroughly unimpressed with Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea. It smelt divine when I was steeping it, but that’s where the goodness remained: in the scent. To be fair, the back of the packaging (which I kept as a reminder to write this review) does state that it is a light tea. I suppose I’ve never had a light tea before because after adding the sweetener, it was little more than drinking sweetened water. As you can see from the photograph I found, the tea is essentially just the buds from the plant, which is probably what limits the flavour potential. It’s not full leaves or even chopped up leaves, it’s just buds. The earliest part of the plant that hasn’t existed long enough to pull nutrients from its roots to flavour the leaves.

I know that it’s not because it’s an herbal tea that I disliked this particular tea. One of my absolute favourite teas is chamomile and that’s a bunch of flower bits. Light tea is definitely not for me.


Likes – 3; Dislikes – 3


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