Prince Charles the Impatient

My passion is historical fiction. Typically ancient history up through the medieval period and almost exclusively set in what would come to be known today as the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

There were many kings during that period who had descriptives attached to their names: Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, Edgar the Peaceful, Edward the Martyr and Ethelred the Unready. To name but a few. Today, we have a man that’s not yet a monarch, but nonetheless has one of these descriptives firmly attached to his name: Charles the Impatient.

I daresay that most of us would prefer to be a part of a family with previous members who lived to quite old age, but Prince Charles seems to be of a different opinion. Especially since longevity of life, in his case, means his mother will be on the throne at least another 10-15 years. I believe he is the first prince in history who has had to wait so long for the chance to reign. In some ways I feel sorry for Charles, because he has spent his whole life preparing for this eventuality, that could potentially never come or his would be a very short reign.

This whole idea came about after reading an article from the American morning news programme, The Today Show. In it, they discuss Charles’ impatience to rule. I’m not entirely sure I agree with the statement made by “royal expert” Camilla Tominey that it doesn’t matter what the public thinks, because Charles will be king one day. This after a list of who is popular within the royal family. The Queen enjoyed a surge in popularity after her Diamond Jubilee earlier this year and after her, Prince William and Kate are the next most popular royals. Charles comes after them.

While the selection of the next royal to sit upon the throne isn’t a popularity contest, there are other circumstances which do affect the outcome. I read in another article a while back all the reasons why Charles shouldn’t be next in line. One of which is a tendency for him to stick his foot in it, so to speak, when it comes to foreign policy. WhiIt is true that the royalty of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are figureheads with no political sway, things they say publicly about the way the government does things can have an affect on the people and on the government itself. If Elizabeth finds that Charles is putting things in a bad position too often, she definitely has the right to skip her own son in favour of her grandson as the next royal to sit on the throne once she does pass on.


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