St Andrew’s Day

I’m not sure how Scots recognise St Andrew’s Day – here in the US, we celebrate our national holiday by wishing others a Happy Fourth of July – but I wanted to recognise any readers I may have from Scotland by writing a bit about the country’s national day.

For the uneducated visitor to this blog, St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. The flag of Scotland bears St Andrew’s Cross. While there is no celebrations as we are familiar with her in the US, St Andrew’s Day is considered a bank holiday (like our Federal Holidays). Traditionally, the University of St Andrews gives its students a free day, but in neither case is this a binding agreement.

Other traditions from days gone by associated with St Andrews are generally focused on marriage. The night of St Andrew’s Day is believed to be especially potent for magic that will reveal a woman’s future husband. The pouring of hot lead into water and divining the future husband’s profession from the shape of the lead in the water. Another custom was to toss a clog over one’s shoulder. If it lands pointing to the door, the woman would get married that same year.

I hope all Scottish people have a lovely holiday if your employer allows you the day off.


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