Rest in Peace

It’s a real tragedy when someone is the centre of a very public prank and decides – for whatever reason – to end their life shortly thereafter.

I truly hope that Ms. Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse at King Edward VII Hospital who was recently the victim of a prank by Australian DJs, has somehow found peace in death that she didn’t think was available to her while here among family and friends. None of us will really know why she chose to end her life on Friday, December 7, 2012, we can only speculate. I have a few guesses, but I will keep them to myself.

Like so many others around the world, I do blame the Australian disc jockeys – Mel Greig and Michael Christian – for their part in this event. Namely, because they are ‘shock jocks’ who do anything and everything for attention, to get a reaction. I despise that type of disc jockey and think they should be taken off the air. It’s sickening what they do. I sincerely hope that they have learned not to play practical jokes on a total stranger. Of course with my extremely low opinion of ‘shock jocks’, I do not think they will be morose for very long at all.

However, despite my convictions, I will not participate in any attacks on the disc jockeys as I do not attack society trash.


One thought on “Rest in Peace

  1. It’s heartbreaking that Jacintha felt it was necessary to take her own life. It’s also sad that poor Kate and William have this horrid cloud hanging over what should be the happiest time in their young lives. I truly hope the DJs feel remorse for their moment of fun, and will look at the broader picture the next time they decide to play a “harmless prank”.

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