Woeful Wales

While I absolutely adore Wales, I have to say that the story I discovered this morning has me completely baffled.

According to a BBC News article online, dog owners could face criminal charges if their animals bite burglars. Because that completely makes sense that someone who is invading your home and wanting to divest the homeowner of his/her/their possessions should be protected from the homeowner wanting to protect what is rightfully his/hers/theirs.

I can appreciate the Welsh government’s aim of protecting people from dangerous dog attacks, I would argue that adding criminals to this list is not acceptable. I mean if you’re going to do that, you might as well say that stealing is no longer illegal and people can take whatever they want from whoever they want because there will be no punishment.

The focus should be on allowing only responsible individuals own dogs and require them (both dogs and owners) to be trained. No one supports vicious dog attacks, but it simply cannot be an all or nothing situation. I feel that is exactly what the government is aiming for.



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