Tea and Me

Before I begin my post, I must remedy the fact that I did not come here over the holidays to wish my followers a very happy holiday season and a splendid 2013. So, happy holidays belatedly and I hope your new year is off to a good start.

This entry of Tea and Me is going to be a double feature. First off is the tea I’m drinking as I type this entry. My friend Peggy  traveled to Ireland in November of last year and brought back some Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea for me to enjoy. I decided to have my first cup of this brew this morning as I arrived at work feeling especially crappy. The weather has been horrid here the last week and a half and it’s just gotten to me, I suppose. Thankfully, Bewley’s was there to rescue me and I have a nice warm cup of this fabulous brew sitting in front of me.

The second part of this double feature is the tea I had on my last visit to the English Tea Room. I went with a friend of mine on 11/01/13 for lunch and to replenish my favourite teas. When we go I typically try to have a tea I’ve never had before, so that, somehow I might try all of them. Eventually.

This time I tried something called Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai. I think this will have to be revisited at a later date. My first cup was lovely. It was a nice caramel colour, but certainly looked nothing like the other chai’s I’ve had, which typically resemble hot chocolate. I drank it all and when I poured the second cup, it looked more like the chai I’m used to. I was a bit confused, but quickly realised that the waitress probably hadn’t stirred the pot completely, if at all. The second cup contained the full benefit of the chocolate, which tasted on the bitter side to me. All in all, not one of my favourite teas, but I am willing to wait to pass judgement until I can try it again, with the tea properly made.

Likes – 4;  Dislikes – 3;  Undecided – 1


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