Tea and Me

I’m back for another installment of this series! In case any of you are wondering, when I don’t post here, I am still drinking tea, but it’s usually one I’ve already written about. No use in rehashing old ideas, eh?

Today’s brew is: Japanese Sencha Green Tea

This is my first experience with proper green tea. Oh, I’ve had the Lipton stuff you buy at the supermarket, nice and cold and admittedly a bit refreshing, but as a tea enthusiast I have never considered that proper green tea.

In an effort to learn a bit more about green tea, I have discovered that the Japanese Sencha is but one variety of green tea. According to the Wikipedia entry, Sencha is a decocted tea and is “[t]he first and second flush of green tea made from leaves that are exposed directly to sunlight. This is the most common green tea in Japan. The name describes the method for preparing the beverage.

I don’t know if this is true of all green tea or just this variety I bought, but before steeping, the bits in the tea bag looked like dried bits of chopped up grass. After steeping, it looked like a clump of greens you’d find on the bottom of your mower after cutting the grass. Not an appealing image, I’ll grant you, but so far, it’s a definitely a tea I like.

It doesn’t have much flavour nor does it have a strong aroma, but you do get a sense of something clean and pretty straightforward when it’s brought to your mouth for a sip. I have not mastered the art of drinking tea without sweetener, but I think Splenda works as a nice lightweight compliment to the equally light tea.


2 thoughts on “Tea and Me

  1. I tried the most expensive sencha variety at the tea shop ($3 for any kind regardless of selling price!) – it was so strong I thought it would take my throat out! Had to drown it in milk to get it down. Am posting about this for Valentines day – 🙂

  2. Wow Vinny! That’s horrible. This particular green tea comes from Harney & Sons. This is a line that my local tea shop that I frequent sells. It was $1 for one tea bag. You might look into where you might find this brand. I’m pretty sure it’s available online as well. One thought I did have for you: green tea, like white tea, isn’t meant to be steeped very long. Perhaps you over-steeped it and it became bitter. Next time you try green tea, Japanese Sencha or otherwise, don’t steep it very long.

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