The Other British Capital

Before it was so rudely dashed from the pages of a forum I frequent, someone had posted some very interesting information about a very special celebration which will be happening this year in a small town in England.

In the year 1013, for a period of only five weeks, the Lincolnshire town of Gainsborough served as the capital of England when the Danish ruler Sweyn Forkbeard made Gainsborough his capital. Sweyn had arrived on the shores of England with his son Canute intent on conquering the island. King Ethelred (the Unready) fled the country after Sweyn defeated the Anglo-Saxon resistance. Sweyn was then declared king of England and made Gainsborough his capital. Five weeks later, the new king was dead, either from poisoning or from a horse accident.


Gainsborough celebrates 1,000 years


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