Bizarre Role Bestowed on Duchess of Cambridge

princess-cruisesI am quite sure a considerable amount of thought was invested when Prince William asked Kate Middleton to marry him. She would be thrust into the lime light, always scrutinized on every possible level. There would be traditions to uphold, ceremony to follow, etc. But I have to wonder if it ever occurred to Kate that she would be subjected to something as strange as being asked to be a “godmother” to a ship.

I respectfully acknowledge that naming of ships by the British is a long-standing tradition that goes back hundreds of years, but this is still a little weird. Not the naming part – as the ship will apparently be named Royal Princess – but the fact that she will be its “godmother”.

Hopefully, though, the Duchess will not get a black eye by associating with a cruise line. I am hoping that Princess Cruises is a far better company than Carnival with their recent string of problems, including a breakdown in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, stranding passengers for days.


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