No… Just… NO

For the love of all things sacred and British I fervently pray that Duchess Catherine once again returns the gifts sent to her by Kim Kardashian. Apparently Miss Kardashian was too stupid the first time to get the message.

It makes me ill to even contemplate that Miss Kardashian could believe that the two women have anything in common besides having close due dates. You know what? I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of women around the world also have due dates close to the Duchess’ and not one of them is sending shit to the Duchess in hopes of a bonding moment. But I’m sure at least some of them might be interested in a bonding moment with Miss Kardashian.

I really really REALLY wish the pathetic Kardashian freaks would go away. Far away. Like to another planet.

Seriously. They are just media WHORES.


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