Shake It Wales!

I learned a new funfact this morning! Wales is apparently situated on a fault line because the poor souls in Northern Wales, specifically on the Llyn Peninsula. The epicenter is near Tudweiliog six miles west of Pwllheli, in Gwynedd.  I’ll wait while you verify that yes those are, in fact, place names in Wales and where they are located precisely in Google Maps. 😉

While you were doing your little verification, I scooted over to Google myself to find out a few details. I couldn’t find a name or any specifics about the fault line that this quake happened along, but apparently this area experienced the largest land-based earthquake to ever hit the UK back in 1984.

Also interestingly enough, there was a large earthquake in Southern Wales, in the area of Swansea in the same year that the biggest quake to hit the US at the time in San Francisco. Kinda makes you wonder if 1906 was the year for a lot of unrest in the bowls of the earth.

News story


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