British actors and iconic American film roles


With the release today (UK) and Friday (US) of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is the second British actor to take on what has previously been an iconic American role. Andrew Garfield was the first when he starred last year in The Amazing Spider-Man. I can’t say whether Garfield’s role was the cause of the second Spider-Man movie being released next year, but there is already talks about a second Superman movie on the day Man of Steel was released. Considering the last venture into the realm of the alien-turned-superhero in 2006 went nowhere fast, I’m guessing that more people are pleased with Cavill’s portrayal of the conflicted Kal-El/Clark Kent than they were with Brandon Routh. Granted, Routh looked a lot like the actor Christopher Reeves, the only man who has portrayed Superman in multiple movies, but I think movie goers are comfortable with straying from ‘the look’.

I will be going to see Superman Friday night with my brother. I’ve seen Cavill in at least one other role and think he’s a good actor. I’d never seen Garfield in anything else. So, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the new Man of Steel.


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