A few things

I just want to post about a few things today.

Firstly, though I do not watch tennis, I was thrilled to hear that Andy Murray won Wimbledon for 2013. First time a Brit has won in 77 years and an amazing accomplishment. I only wish it could’ve happened last year when he’d also won the gold for Great Britain in the Olympics hosted in his home country.

As a side note, last Friday as I was driving home from my volunteer work, I heard a story on our National Public Radio (NPR) a story about a mother-daughter duo who own a Harris hawk, called Rufus, whose job it is to clear the tennis courts of pigeons that are attracted to the grassy courts. I love falconry and think it’s amazing to watch these graceful birds in flight.

Secondly, I just read – with some joy – that English chef Nigella Lawson’s abusive husband is divorcing her. I love watching Nigella (yes she’s hot) and am sad that her show is no longer shown here in the US. At least, not at a time when I am upright and conscious. Perhaps I should investigate now that we have AT&T U-verse and I can record shows at any time of the day or night. But back to her current plight. I think Nigella’s silence about the whole thing speaks more to the truth than his protestations of innocence. He got caught in a very public way and like most abusive personalities, probably never thought he would. And now he’s got to fix things on his own, yet finding himself unable to do so.

Thirdly, I just had to share that I ordered (and received) some Kendal Mint Cakes. Some for me, but also some to share with my girlfriend. I bought the fancy tin for her and a travel tin for myself. I love the light texture of these mint cakes and think they’re the best thing!


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