Mandatory Dog Microchipping

Kiyo_Miniature_SchnauzerI am firmly in favour of this, however, I don’t believe that microchipping will lead to responsible dog ownership. Having the microchip won’t lessen the burden of the animal welfare groups because people will still allow dogs to slip out of the house or escape from the garden. Money will still be spent on picking up the animal and holding them until the owner can be found. The chips might reduce the time the dogs are kept, but not eliminate it entirely.

It’s also good that Dogs Trust is helping with the cost. When I first got my dog, I was able to find a low cost vet clinic where I live and having her microchipped was inexpensive, but I know not everyone has that option. Of course it’s my opinion that if you can afford to own a dog, you should be able to spend a bit of money toward its over-all welfare.

All dogs in England must be microchipped by April 6, 2016, or their owners will face a fine of up to $800, according to a new law.

Britain’s Environment Department is mandating microchipping to help reunite owners with pets, relieve the burden on animal charities and protect the welfare of dogs by promoting responsible ownership.

Stray animals currently cost British taxpayers and charities nearly $80 million a year.

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