Town Crier crashes party

To me, this bit of tradition was the best part of yesterday’s whole announcement regarding the birth of Will and Kate’s first born. I acknowledge that most people will think my feelings about the Royal Family are daft, but I guess it’s just a matter of perspective. I envy the richness and diversity of your lengthy history. We are still but infants compared to your longevity and that’s what I crave. As someone so interested in history, I long to be from a country whose history reaches far back in time, not just a few hundred years.

I know, too, that there have been inhabitants on this continent for as long as there have been people in Europe and elsewhere, but we are taught nothing of their existence. It’s as if no one really occupied this soil prior to the Europeans’ arrival.

So, yes, I love the traditions still adhered to yesterday as well as the modern aspects of it. This old gent stole the show for me…


Decked out in all his pomp and finery town crier Tony Appleton brought a touch of tradition to the media melee when he announced the royal birth. And he hadn’t even been invited.

Clanging a bell before booming ‘Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye’ the 76-year-old took well wishers and journalists gathered outside St Mary’s Hospital by surprise.

He declared: “On this day, the 22nd of July, the year 2013, we welcome with honorable duty a future king.”



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